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Employer and Employee Relationship

An employer is the employer of a labourer for a specific job to be carried out at a particular time and with an agreement if wages to be paid, while employees are skilled and unskilled labourers hired to carry out a specific job at a particular time.

The relationship between employers and employees is one of the oldest relationship to has been in existence time in memorial, relationship between employers and employees is practices with trust, understanding and agreement. Over the years it has been refined and structured in the category services by the moxie maids to modern day practice of efficient and effective mutual working relationship.

Research has proved that good or bad relationship between employer or employee has significant impact on the productivity of an organisation or company Some of them may need payday loans online.

Whatever the situation, employer and employee relationship can be improve by both parties and to achieve this you can try out the following points\steps.

1. Mutual respect and understanding

2. Know your staff personally

3. Create an enabling environment for freedom of expression and empathy listening

4. Harnessing potential talents and discovering of new talents

5. Good working environment and renumeration

6. Accountability

7. Share in their burden

  All these and more will definitely strengthen the relationship which will in turn increase productivity within the organisation or company.

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